Rollerblades - do either of these Autofit well?

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I'm working on a scene where Genesis could really use a pair of rollerblades. The Daz store has two sets that I've been able to find:

Has anyone tried either of these using Autofit? Do they get horribly mangled, or would one of them work at least in long shots? I don't need them to be flawless close up.


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    The V3 set might do better, if you have the V3 Iconic Shape, but it might also be worth hiding everything but the one blade (probably would require setting the surfaces to 0% opacity) in two copies of the figure and parenting each to the appropriate foot a set of boots,

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    This item has rollerblades for Genesis, includes a pose.

    Carhop for Genesis Female

    HU - alert to anybody using 4.0 NOT to download any more copies of this though; it's been switched from a 4.0 item to a 4.5 ONLY item.
    The old installer link produces the new installer.

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    Technically speaking, that set has rollerskates, not rollerblades. Depends on what the OP's specific needs as to whether or not that distinction is important.

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    Yes, the rollerskate/rollerblade distinction is important.

    Just tried the freebie, and they might do from a distance except that from most angles, it's hard to tell that they aren't just shoes.

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    Well the references I just checked showed a boot with wheels in a line underneath it. In other words; basically the same thing.

    The one for the set I mentioned has wheels yes; but also a 'stopper' at the toe. And actually doesn't exactly match either term but it is a boot that will fit Genesis ... possibly could be 'enhanced' with some extra wheels parented to it, to look like whatever is desired.

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