DS4.5: cannot remove hair or add another set

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First attempt to create a new scene from scratch.
Got DS4.5.
Fired it up, started with the Genesis character.
Morphed it somewhat etc.

Added hair. Did not like it. Wanted to replace it with another. Double clicked other. Did not do anything.
Tried to remove currently applied hair. Spent 20 minutes figuring how to do that.

Cannot select the hair (not that there is a remove button anywhere anyway).

I just can't figure it. (Neither why 3D software has to violate EVERY interface/usability paradigma that evolved into a established state over the last 20 years. That goes for you, too, Poser and your so called award winning interface.) .


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    When you add a 3D model to the scene,. you need to "Fit to" the main figure,. or it may not look right
    select the itm, go to parameters and then scroll down the list until you see "Fit to", then click and choose the model you want that item to fit to, from the list.

    When you decide you want to remove a 3D model from the scene,.
    You would select the SCENE tab on the right,. and you'll see a list of the models in the scene,. you can select any item in that list,..and hit delete. or yuo can right click on the item in the list and choose "Remove from scene"

    See pic.

    Adding another 3D object won't replace the first one,. it'll add the item you've told it to add.

    The interface, and general work-flow of 3D software is different because it needs to be and the tools /options available can sometimes seem unusual,. until you realise what they do and why they're there.

    If you've ever used a word processor, or an image editor, then you'll know that the interfaces of those programs are equally different from each other because they perform different tasks.

    Poser is a Smith Micro product, and it's not sold here,
    so,.. it's the wrong place to rant about their interface. ...but feel free.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Was looking elsewhere but not in the list on the right, thanks. When I look for a function I usually start at the top or in menus at the left, the 90° tilt of the tab riders did its part in telling my brain to ignore that.

    I am aware that Poser is a different product, I just wanted to let some steam off in their direction while at it, their interface drove me insane on various attempts.

    Alright then, I'll check out tutorials then.

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    The different amount of things that can be done in 3D software, usually means that using the standard menu system would become really exhausting going through multiple menu's,.
    the drawback is that there are lots of tabs and panels, some of which only appear when your performing a specific function, like animating,

    For example:
    If you look at the Windows / Tabs menu on the top,. you'll see a list of optional panels which can be opened and closed depending on what you want to do,.

    There's a lot of Video tutorials on the Daz3D Youtube channel.

    We all need to let a little steam out sometime,.. it's no problem :)

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    Interfaces are very much down to personal preference I guess, there are many people who do like the Poser interface.

    We would prefer not to have too much debate about the differences in the 2 programs though, it can turn into a bit of an "app war" which we would rather avoid. :roll:

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