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It seems a lot harder to use the face expression morphs for genesis that maybe it really is. I cant seems to get an eye blink to happen. There are different directions the eyes go in...which you can click on and it changes but there is no eye closed option. If I click on the sleeping face expression, then try to make the eyes open at some point on the timeline, it doesnt work like that.

Any suggestions on how to get eyes blinking for genesis?


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    HI village_residuum :)

    You need to select the genesis "head" in the scene instance list, on the right. (see pic)... (click for big)

    you'll then see morph control slider in the Parameters section (top right)
    Scroll down that list or fiter the search box at the top for Eyes Closed.

    the eyes closed controls both eyes, but there are also sliders to adjust each eye individually.

    You would create some key-frames in the animation time-line, by moving the time-line indicator,.. then adjusting the eyes closed morph, to create a key..
    You need to create an "Open" key, then a "closed" key, Then another "Open" key.

    If you want to have a couple of Blinks,...
    You can drag a rectangle area around those key-frames to select them,. then hold ALT and drag those selected keys to create a copy and move them along the time-line to where you want them..


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    You can automate this process to generate what appears to be random eye blinks as well
    If you set a key frame with the eyes open then drag the time line along a few seconds then set a key frame with the eyes closed. Normaly this would close the eyes over the few seconds, this is bacause usually the tweener is set by default to linear.
    But if you click on the gap between the 2 key frames the tweener settings pop up in the right hand pane.
    now if you select the noise tweener fron the dropdown you will see the line go from a straight line to square wave. If you play around with the settings you can get a fairly good result of random blinking. if you need the eyes to end up open add a third keyframe and set the eyes to open then do the same thing to the tweener between keys 2 and 3.

    this will work for any movement you might need to appear random within a set limit.

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