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Hey Guys,

I'm installing Daz Studio 4.5 as we speak, and I just had a couple of questions regarding using it.

1). I know there is a good bit of content that comes with Daz Studio 4.5, and I was just wondering, would I be able to get going with just that? I know I will have to buy more things in the future, but will that work for now?
2). Is there a list that lists all the things that comes with DS?
3). How hard is DS to figure out? Is it fairly simple?
4). Can you recommend any free items (or websites that have free items) for download that would be good to have? (Besides Bryce and Hexagon?) Also, what are some good cheap items.
5). Lastly, can you elaborate a little more on what Bryce and Hexagon and the Auto-fit tool do?

Thanks if you can answer any of these, because I am a total noob.
Dakota Grossman :)


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    Hi. I've only had DAZ for a few weeks, but so far I've picked it up pretty easily. The greatest hurdle has been the lack of official documentation for DAZ Studio 4 - it's hard to learn a tool without adequate tutorials. There are some video tuts available on Youtube, but I've found the people here at the forums much more helpful - and they're always willing to answer questions. :)

    Anyway, to your questions:

    1) Yes, DAZ should be enough to get going, enough to learn the basics at least. I believe it comes with Genesis and Genesis Essentials, which is a customizable figure and a few outfits and props to go with it.

    2) I don't think there's a single list - it all depends on which version of DAZ you download.

    3) Like I said, DAZ's greatest hurdle is the lack of written tutorials online. The second largest hurdle is figuring out where everything is inside the program - what panels control what effects, where to find the content you want, and so on. Use the forums here - absolutely invaluable help to be had.

    4) Renderosity has some free stuff, but by and large ShareCG has the largest selection I know of for freebies. Be careful - often you'll download something that ends up needing another product (often a paid product) to work. But DAZ can use Poser content, which opens up a tremendous wealth of freebies. Check the General Freepository subforum here - that will point you in many directions.

    5) As a noob, all I know about Bryce and Hexagon is that those programs make the models that we can use in DAZ. Auto-Fit can take older outfits for previous figures (Victoria 4 and Michael 4) and fit them to the Genesis figure - I think. Haven't had much luck with it so far, so you'd probably be better off asking a more experienced user.

    Lastly, I wish you the best of luck. I'm having a blast so far, but it's a lot to learn on a pretty steep curve. Try not to get discouraged. Definitely use the resources here in the forums. And have fun! :)

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    HI DakotaGrossman99
    Welcome :)

    1.) yes,. the basic content gives you a few figures , clothing and hair, and a couple of scenery Sets, it's enough to allow you to become familiar with the way the program works, how to pose figures, add and fit clothing to the figures, move camera's,.. lighting.. etc..and to get creative.

    2.) I'm not sure if there's a complete listing of all the essentials content, ..

    3.) yes , Daz Studio is built to be easy to get into,.
    when you open it up for the first time, the genesis figure will appear in the scene, and you can go from there.
    there are also Video tutorials on Daz3D's youtube channel.

    4.) there are lot's of free things, but you should try to get used to the program first, then you'll have a better idea of what "freebies" you should download.

    www.sharecg.com should give you a good idea of what's available.
    NOTE: some FREE items are free because you need to have the Original model which the Freebie was made for, such as dress textures or skins for figures, or hair textures.

    The Daz Platinum savings club is a good option, for getting more for less. (items for $1.99) and freebies.

    5.) Bryce is a 3d environment / landscape generator, it allows you to create mountains clouds sea's plants, trees etc...
    Hexagon is a 3D modeller,. it allows you to create and texture 3D models and to edit 3D models.
    there's a software "bridge" built into Daz Studio, which allows you to send objects from Daz Studio to either Bryce or Hexagon.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Thanks so much guys, you're helping a lot! I've come to realize that the Daz fanbase is A LOT nicer than most (helping out noobs :D ). Also, I have one more question. If I make my own 3D character in Hexagon, can certain clothes fit to him from the store, or will I have to make those, too? So excited, DS 4.5 is almost done!!!

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    It would depend on how you build the figure, but yes,. that's possible.

    obviously If you build a mouse or a snail, then it may be harder to fit the cowboy boots and the bikini to it.

    If you build a human figure, then Daz Studio has tools to allow you to rig it (add bones) and that can allow you to use existing clothing and Auto-fit then to that figure.

    NOTE: the base Genesis figure, (with some additional Morph (shape) packages), can allow you to transform genesis from a super-model into a Troll or an Ogre, or a silver-back gorilla,.. or a man, or a child, or a combination of all of those.

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    Just one little correction as regards the bridge from DS to Bryce, you don't send objects from DS to Bryce, you prepare your figure or whatever in DS, then open Bryce and use the import to Bryce icon, you import to Bryce, not export from DS, per se.

    And of course Bryce can do a lot more than just environments, despite the fact that many say it is just an environment generator. It is the oldest program of the 3 Free apps, and very sophisticated when used by an expert, and it has a superb render engine, which can render in 2 different modes.

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    OOps :)

    My Bad :(

    Bryce is also great for creating 360 degree HDRI images which can be used to produce scene lighting and reflections.


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    I'm SO sorry that I keep asking questions that probably sound stupid to you guys, but I just wanna set this straight: You can import poser models into DS, right? Also, can I get the early models of Michael and Victoria anywhere? Thanks. Oh, BTW it finished downloading, and I LOVE it, even though I'm still figuring it out. With the GREAT fan base on the forums, it seems like it will be a lot easier to learn.

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    You can use Poser "content" in Daz Studio, to a degree.

    brief history ..
    Poser was built ,.. Daz3D developed "Content" for use in poser. ... years passed and different versions of poser were released and the software changed owners.
    Daz3D continued to develop figures and content for poser.

    Daz Studio1 was developed, Daz Still developed content for Poser, which also worked in Daz Studio.

    with the release of Poser 9, and Daz Studio 4, some things changed,. technical stuff,. and there were some differences between the two programs which meant that some items didn't work.

    Daz have just released an importer for poser to get around much of that, but some NEW poser figures are still an issue in Daz studio.

    generally speaking Daz Studio can work with Poser content and vice versa,. some things are specific to each program.
    things built specifically for DS, only work in DS and vice -versa.

    can I get the early models of Michael and Victoria anywhere?

    Some older models have been locked away in the "vault" .. So, you'd be better with generation 3 and 4 figures
    ( Victoria 3, Michael 3, / Victoria 4, Michael 4)
    since they're more refined than the original Mike and Vicky.

    You can also buy the "iconic" shapes for genesis,. which allows you to easily adjust the genesis figure to look like a generation 3 or 4 figure. same body and face shape, and the clothing for those figures will also work using auto-fit.

    There are no stupid questions... just simple answers. :)

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    I am also a recent DAZ Studio user. Never used a 3D drawing program before.

    1) DAZ Studio 4.5 comes with some free content. The free content includes the Genesis basic male, female and child figures, some hair, clothes and poses. There is an A3 figure, dog, cat and big cat that you can download free. Depending on what you are interested in creating, you will probably have to get scene content. You can find buildings, rooms, furniture, ... on the free sites like ShareCG, but be prepared to spend some time searching. There is some free clothes that works with Genesis available, but a lot of the clothes is for V4, M4 or S4, which you have to buy first from DAZ. Read the descriptions carefully before downloading. Some free clothing downloads are just alternate textures (colors, patterns) for clothes you have to purchase. You may be able to get V4, M4, or S4 clothes to work on Genesis through auto-fit. I have not tried this yet. Shoes are not suppose to work well with auto-fit.

    I was able to create some drawings with all free content. I recommend doing this first to learn how to use DAZ, see if you really want to invest the time to learn it, before you spend a lot of money on content.

    2). There is a link to Free 3D Models in the DAZ store. You have to purchase those items for zero dollars, then download them.

    3). This depends a lot on you. I found DAZ a little confusing, but I could figure it out. The lack of documentation is really a problem. Figuring out how to install DAZ content products is a problem. Figuring out how to install free content you download is a problem. Figuring out how to find the content you just installed is a problem. DAZ could use some documentation and some more tutorials.

    4). The biggest free site is sharecg.com. The site renderosity.com also has some free stuff, along with a lot of content for sale. I think I got all my free contest from those two sites. There are a lot of other sites out there. Most things made for Poser can be gotten to work in DS, but it may take some work to figure out how.

    There are now a lot of free/low cost Genesis based figures available, but they almost all require the Genesis Evolution Head and Body Morphs, which are not part of free Genesis package. If you get these, you can use a lot of those free figures or learn how to create your own figures.

    5) Don't know much about Bryce and Hexagon. Auto-fit is suppose to allow you to use clothes for older figures on Genesis figures. I have not really tried it much.

    Hope that helps.

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    I love DS4.5. I think I'm addicted. Is that bad? :roll:

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    It's quite normal actually, but it usually does take one a little longer to get to the addict status. :coolsmirk:

    THis is the time when you have to start worrying, because eventually your addiction will tend to eat you out of house and home :coolgrin: and your credit card will run home to Mama.

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    Good thing I don't have a credit card anymore ;-). I've followed some tutorials and I'm making my first Genesis model. YAY! I promise I won't get too addicted... hopefully.

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    Can I use Mixamo animations/3d models, or does DS not support that?

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    Yes , you can use Mixamo, or any other BVH animations built for poser type figures,
    there was a free sampler of Mixamo animations in the store, it may still be there...

    Daz Studio comes with "Animate" (Lite) which uses Aniblocks (motion capture animation) made into editable blocks which will automatically blend together to form a longer more complex sequence.

    you should have some sample animations which come with Daz Studio

    With the full Animate 2 plug-in, you can create your own animations and save them as Aniblocks.

    Rest assured there's plenty of models, textures, and animations which you can download, and use in Daz Studio or poser or Carrara and there's a lot of stuff for free,

    But Hold off of downloading a huge library of stuff,... ..It's there if you need it.


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    Here's the readme showing what's included in the Genesis Starter Essentials: http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/public/read_me/index/14812/start

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    Good thing I don't have a credit card anymore ;-). I've followed some tutorials and I'm making my first Genesis model. YAY! I promise I won't get too addicted... hopefully.
    All I wish to add to this conversation, because you have some of the best people helping you is this. Good luck on the Addiction part. I never had a chance, just check my Avatar. I'm even a Forum Addict now.
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