Daz Hair creation how to start?

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i am new to the daz and maybe this question have answered before ,i have make google search but i dont find anything for daz.
Is any guide how to make hair for daz? (most for genesis)
What program need it?
Can i use from poser and if, how to?
Is any construction hair kit?
i am using the DAZ 4.5.
Thank you and sorry for the post but...


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    I've never made hair but I plan to so thi swill make for an interesting thread. Anyway my contribution...

    You could use hexagon, the bridge between that and daz would make it fairly easy, beyond that i have little to offer beyond speculation.

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    I found this on Google in about two seconds:


    There is also a forum thread here :


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    I did this vid on making a basic hair. It wasn't really meant for Daz Studio, but the idea is the same. It's done in Wings3D. The only thing you'd have to change is to use a Trans-map (black and white) instead of the alpha channel in a (.png) ..... Black transparent, White not ... put that in the Opacity section of the Material ... There's some other vids here, more geared towards Sculptris, but maybe something that can help ....

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    Hi Vedus...have you done any modelling before? If not you may wish to start with something simpler than hair. I attempted to do some hair and asked the same question in the old forum. If you can locate the thread there were lots of useful links...it was in the hex forum.

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