Loading Evolution and Musclarity Morhps for use with DSON

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I have the genesis evolution morphs, how do I get those morphs and the muscularity morphs into the genesis figure I have in poser???


  • ps1borgps1borg Posts: 12,761
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    I installed them in the same place as the other Genesis stuff that came with the importer, they show up as parameter dials

  • GIWP MediaGIWP Media Posts: 13
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    I tried to install to the same location and I get a "genesis not installed" error message. I also get this with trying to install same file to DS4.0 - so what the hell? I installed the Genesis essentials to my base Poser runtime where the executable is located. Installer will not work there. Genesis is in DS4...so why won't they install there either? I've never had issues this bad with an installer for a figure. I can't get the Evolution morphs to install anywhere!!! Anybody got any suggestions here?

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 17,300
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    What is the exact path you installed Genesis Starter Essentials to?

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