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what metallic bikini product is gal wearing?
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What is metallic bikini product is gal wearing? Where I can purchase it? Thank you

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I believe that’s “Classic Fantasy” from Aery Soul. Used to be at Renderosity. Not sure if it’s still there or not.


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Aery Soul removed all of their products from Rendo a couple of years ago. They are at RDNA now under the name AflaSeed, and have put some of their old products, plus several new ones, for sale there. But not the Classic Fantasy outfit unfortunately.


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Thank you, I hadn’t made the connection between Aery Soul and AlfaSeed. Are they making new stuff then? I remember it appeared to be a bit of a commotion when they dropped out of the market previously.


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AS seems to ‘reinvent’ themselves every few years, but they almost always have the same initials…many years ago they went by AwfulSoul…and yeah, they are still making content.


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