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Hello! I've been off the site for quite sometime and i guess since its a new forum all posts were deleted?

Anyway, I'm posting because my hard drive crashed and i have to re-download all of my files. I'm worried that when i do, i won't have the same filepaths and when i go to open old .car files i'll be asked to find each file individually. Is there a way to look at what the file paths are set as? When i open the .car document, it only shows the file it is searching for, not the whole filepath...

Thanks in advance for any and all help!


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    I'm assuming that you have access to/backups of your old stuff?

    If you have a full backup of not only the individual files, but the directory structure, too, you should be able to recreate that structure by restoring the backup.

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    HI Tiny angel :)

    it would depend on whether you had customised the installation of the Daz / Poser Content , and whether you had created custom folders for textures used in carrara shaders.

    Any textures used in those carrara shaders will give you an error if it can't find the textures in the same place.
    the only time carrara shows you the full address of a texture used in a shader is when you hold the mouse over the file name of the texture used in a shader.

    I'm not sure that will work if the texture is missing.

    Daz / Poser models used in the scenes should load as long as you have the Runtime / My Library folders added to Carrara, so that it knows here to look for content.

    Other than that,. as mjc1016 suggests,.. a full backup / restore is the only way to get what you had, ..back to where it was.

    Hope it helps :)

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    And all the old forum posts - both the valuable and totally useless - are still around to view in the archives.

    Googlebot is slowly making it through the archive site so soon you'll be able to Google things from there. Many image links and other regular links are broken, though, as would be expected.

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