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I've just come back to DAZ after a long, long absence, and I'm more than a bit confused. Here's my main problem:

-I've installed DAZ Studio 4.5 twice now on my Windows 7 PC, but the folders created don't match up with any tutorials I've seen. I don't see any 'studio' folder, nor, more importantly, no 'My Library.'
My folder structure looks like this: Computer>Local Disk (C:)>Users>Byren>daz3d
Inside the daz3d folder are the sub-folders for aniBlocks, Animals, Camera Presets, etc.

I would love to install some content to play with (in particular, ApolloMaximus), but because my folders don't match up with any tutorials, I have no idea where to begin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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    You are supposed to install the main application into the Program Files folder (64 bit), or the Program Files (x86) folder for the 32 bit version.

    The content that comes with DAZ Studio, Genesis Starter Essentials is installed to C:\Users\\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library by default.

    My Library is the new name for the 'Content' folder. Basically you can put the My Library folder wherever you want, except in Program Files, and you can call it what you want as well, just as long as you remember which one is the content folder. If you are not used to DAZ Studio, I would suggest using the defaults.

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    Thank you for the reply.

    Firstly, DAZ studio is installed in the Program Files folder. I did not change anything.
    The problem is that the installation is NOT creating a 'My Library' folder by default. I did not change anything from the defaults for any part of either installation. I tried completely removing and re-installing the program twice, with the same results.

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    Have you looked in My Documents for a Daz 3D folder? The My Library folder is in it.

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    My system is set up so that my 'My Documents/My Pictures/My Videos' folders are on my second drive (D:), while my OS and program files are all on (C:). So, I don't actually have a 'My Documents' folder on (C:). DAZ installs correctly to the programs files on C:, installs a folder called 'daz3d' under C:>Users>Byren, but no other daz folder appears there or under 'My Documents' on my D: drive.

    I've never had any issues because of my split drives/redirects before...but I guess there is always a first time for everything. If no one else has had this problem, I suppose I'll have to edit my folder set-up (although I'm really hoping to avoid that....gah!).

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    So studio actually will run, but there is no content, because there is no place for it to look for it, right?

    Did you install the content pack (Genesis Starter Essentials)?

    When you do, do a custom install and direct it to your D: drive...then if Studio doesn't find it on next start, manually map it to that folder. Or you can manually create an empty My Library any where on your D: . Then direct Studio to use it, then direct the content pack to install there...

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    I would double-check content manager is running. To do this, perform a ctrl alt delete, and start task manager. Make sure under processes that Content Manager Services is running and not stopped. Restart daz.

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    Studio runs fine, and there is content...but I have no idea if it is everything there is supposed to be, or just some. I did install the essentials pack also.

    Thank you for your suggestions! I think I'll give manually creating a folder a shot....

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    As long as you have access to the Users>Byren>daz3d and the content was installed there it should work - there's nothing functionally significant about the My Library folder, it's just the default name. It does sound as if the lack of a My Documents folder on C: confused things - but I have my docs on another drive, and in fact I install my content to a completely different location on yet another drive, so it should have been possible to override the location to point it to your real documents folder (for simplicity when following tutorials) or another folder of your choice.

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    You can find the current My Library folder location on your computer from the Content Library tab in Daz by selecting "Daz Studio Content" then select 'My Library' which is listed next to it. Then right click on it and select browse to folder location. This will open the folder in your Operating system, so you will at least know where it has installed the default content to.

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    "You can find the current My Library folder location on your computer from the Content Library tab in Daz by selecting "Daz Studio Content" then select 'My Library' which is listed next to it. "

    I have the exact same problem as mentionned above. No "My Library" folder. And I don't use the horrid Windows search. But : Everything. This Windows search engine gives results instantaneously, even with millions of small files scattered on 7TB of hard drives. And it's very trustworthy. 

    I installed DAZ with default options. And content downloaded is stored by Daz Studio in : 

    C:\Users\YourName\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Daz Connect Library\data\cloud  

    and many subfolders with names like  1_13176    1_21630, etc. But no "My Library" folder.

    Solution : Simply create the folder manually. So you end up with something similar to :

    C:\Users\YourName\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library

    New content can now be copied in there and accessed in Daz Studio from the left (default interface) : Tab "Content Library" / DAZ Studio Formats / My Library


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  • You should be able to access items installed with Connect in Daz studio Formats>Daz Connect (or Poser Formats>Daz Connect). Copying the files to the My Library folder is inefficient and could lead to errors on an update.

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