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Anyone want to share what they're working on?

I decided to tackle my Mr. Low tonight.

Created a texture map for him. Mostly just a test to see how easy it will be for me to create illustrated textures on my tablet. I've been doing a lot of my 2D illustration work on my Toshiba Thrive using Autodesk`s Sketchbook Pro.

I`m going to need to tweak the texture map a bit and most of the illustration is just rough sketches right now to see where things line up but it looks like I`m on the right track. Ears need to be moved back for sure. Eyes and mouth are more or less in the right places.

Here`s Mr. Low dressed up in the basic Genesis clothes. Don`t hate on his fashion sense, it makes him feel beautiful. :lol:

I think he has the makings of a pretty useful figure (only 1502 polygons). Sadly won`t be able to do too much in terms of body morphs because of his low poly count. I`ll have to make a separate figure for female bodies because I didn`t put enough polygons into the chest to make decent breasts.

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    I was just "doodling" in Hexagon tonight. Something I like to do from time to time. Basically just grabbing a basic primative and pushing and pulling with no real destination in mind until I come upon something that inspires me. I ended up making this little elf house.

    Just coloured with some default shaders for now I'll work on texture maps once I finalize the design a bit more. I can see some areas where it's going to need tweaking but for a doodle I can see some fun potential to it.

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    Like the hut! I used to love "doodling" in blender...

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    I tweaked the elf hut out a little further yesterday. Mostly just giving the roof a bit of overhand. Once I make the texture maps for it, it should really start looking neat. Although the mottled bark shader does make for a pretty decent roof.

    The worst thing when I'm doodling in Hexagon is I tend to get so consumed with what I'm doing I forget to save...

    ... and then the inevitable happens. :vampire:

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    I have been absolutely obsessed with my Mr. Low character.

    The original Mr. Low I've gotten down to 1438 polygons, most in the head for creative cranial morphing. But unfortunately his body wasn't very good for any other type of morphs because it just didn't have enough definition.

    Now I've created a new Mr. Low with 1772 polygons. He doesn't look very good naked but the extra polygons will at least let him do different body morphs a little better.

    He's vaguely genesis proportioned (a little skinnier and limbs don't seem to be quite as long) and will wear genesis clothing as long as there is a smoothing modifier applied to them (not sure if gloves will work on him though). I haven't created a texture map for him yet and he's not compatible with my old Mr. Low.

    I think I'm about 85% of the way to having this beastie finished. It's at the "good enough" stage but I think I can do better, This has been a really fun (if at times frustrating) learning experience.

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    Playing with Daz and my Kaossilator Pro tonight.

    I.... I don't know what to say.... :roll:

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    Incidentally I noticed the feet start doing that strange toes pointing up thingy after the animation starts. Is there a setting I'm not applying right or is it just some incompatibility with my home spun figures? I'm thinking maybe a bone isn't quite grabbing the mesh right and I might need to adjust the rigging.

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