Kutami Dress - Wayward Flap

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I'm looking forward to using the Kutami Dress - the texturing is exquisite. However, I'm having trouble with some wayward flaps in front of the sleeves.

My efforts with parameter dials and partial transparency maps have not been successful to date. Does anyone have a way of taming the flaps without resorting to post-work?

Looking at the promo shots - http://www.daz3d.com/shop/katumi-dress - it seems to be a 'feature' rather than a bug, though even in the promos the flap does not always fall in a realistic fashion. The promos have managed to make it less obvious however.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.



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    Nope? Then I guess its postwork. :)

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    I don't own this, but if you expand the clothing, do the flaps have their own bones? If so, you could try adjusting the bend/etc of the flap bones. If not, there's always d-formers...

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    Sorry - I don't have that dress ...

    BUT: your character is beautiful!
    Would you share a bit more information about her?

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    The 'flaps' are not the most obvious of things I'd've said. They are sleeves which do not meet up underneath, thus forming an inverted U shape. They do not have an indvidual bone/geometry and are part of the overall MAT zones: of which there are three, one for the sash and two for the dress part, an 'under top' and a 'maindress'. The 'under' provides 15% or so of the dress, including the majority of the torso, back and front, and the right arm, and the maindress provides the rest, including the other arm.
    There seems no obvious, elegant, way to pose (the transform for the dress shoulders will allow some movement) or remove them (except by a custom transmap).

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    Well I just checked as I had added this (and the textures for it) to my wishlist yesterday. Now it's not in the store, and in my wishlist it says "Out of stock". Hope they come back before the end of the month.

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    Thank you for the reponses folks, and sorry for my tardiness - we're moving house at the moment!

    It looks like a custom transmap is the way to go. I've done some preliminary experimenting and its not straightforward, but if I suceed I will post a template for the transmap.

    Kerya said:

    BUT: your character is beautiful!
    Would you share a bit more information about her?

    Why thank you - it's the beauty of Genesis really, a few dial twists, primarily a mix of Daiyu and Steph 5. The base MAT is P3D's Carmen, available at Renderosity. The hair is Jade from last week's Platinum Club. The figure is dialed -

    Daiyu Body - .28
    Stephanie 5 - .78
    Thin - .23
    Asian Faceshape (Gen X) - 1.3
    V5 Breasts Downward Slope - .80
    V5 Breasts Undercurve - .88
    Tail Wider - -40%

    Back to packing!


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    Looks like I have to get Stephanie 5 one day ...
    Thank you!

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