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Hi All,

Have returned to Daz today after a long absence and installed 4.5 Pro (64 bit) without any issues.

Only when trying to find content am I experiencing problems. The program seems to be missing some of the installed content on my system, and have even re-installed to a new content directory (C:\Daz\Content)which I have added as a base directory.

Installed Vic 4.2 which content library displays texture map files etc. but no sign of the V4.2 base file, therefore rendering the other options useless.

Am I being dense and missing something in the setup or is there an issue with my set up as not displaying the core files for figures.

Have just discovered that if I add the same directory under Poser formats these files become visible even though they were installed as Daz-Studio formats.

Thanks if anyone can assist my confusion.



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    All figures prior to Genesis were in Poser Format, and still are.

    The default location for the DS4 content is the My Library folder in Documents, but you can use a folder called content if you want to. My Library is the new name for the content folder for DS4.

    You need to go to Poser Formats > My Library > Figures > DAZ People to find the V4 base model (or your equivalent)

    You need to add your Content folder as a Poser Formats folder as well.

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    Thans for the response Jimmy.

    Therefore is there any point in addding this new directory as a base directory under Daz Formats. Alos is there a way of organising how things look under the POser format tab.



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    The default install puts all content in the same folder, DS or Poser content. Inside the My Library folder, there is a folder called Runtime which hold the Poser content. It is a fairly rigid structure, and it will display inside Poser Formats > My Library > Figures/Pose/Props/Camera/Light etc etc. which is the normal way poser content is displayed in DAZ Studio.

    The DAZ Studio Formats can be changed around as needed as it has no rigid file structure. The folder holding the content should be listed as DS AND Poser formats, since both lots of content are in there.

    You can also add as many poser runtime folders as you wish, I have about 15, and they are added as Poser Formats only. It is also possible to add extra DS Content folders as well, but I haven't done that. Also using Categories is a good way of organising content, it does not involve moving items on the disk, just inside a database in DS.

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