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I have found out, that I can convert a v4 figure into triax weight mapping so v4 dixie can be somewhat like genesis, right? only thing is, how can I make clothes fitting like they fit to genesis, is there an option? if it comes to this pane like on genesis if you want to fit v4 clothes to genesis (supported figure and what a clothes item is is) there is just written unsupported and I can`t choose any figure like I can if I want to fit a clothes to genesis.

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    Autofit clones are specific to the triax figure, so you'd need to create autofit clones for the weight-mapped V4.

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    Autofit clones are specific to the triax figure, so you'd need to create autofit clones for the weight-mapped V4.

    but if I load genesis and fit a v4 clothes to it I am asked what figure the clothes do support and what type of clothes it is, that didn`t work the same for a triax version of v4? because I can`t choose for what figure the clothes was made there allways is written "unsupported"

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    How would a person create autofit clones?

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    I personally believe the best way to get the V4 and all the third party morphs into a Triax weight mapped figure is to use the Gen X plugin to convert them to genesis. Once the Genesis is dialed to the V4 figure (custom build with the morphs) I find that the V4 clothing auto fits 99% better and only needs small tweaks to get working 100% most of the time. You can also save out the new figure as a Cr2 file and then add it to your People folder for later use.

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    The first thing to be aware of is that every figure we load uses WM rigging to some extent, but to allow us to make content for Poser the WM has been 'hogtied' to mimic Posers rigging. So when you convert your figure to TriAx your still using that 'hogtied' rigging, which means it doesn't bend any better than it did before. To get it to bend "properly" means you have to redo all of the WM rigging, which is a major undertaking if you don't know what your doing (that's what I'm finding at any rate :P ).

    As for Clones, they are unrigged morphs that closely match (and I do mean close as in almost identicle) the shape of the figure you want to autofit from, I'm converting Aiko3 to TriAx and to date have 3 clones made for her (V3, M3 & H3), with the Gen3's it's pretty easy to do if you have all of the Gen3 figures as you can use their .OBJ files as Morph Targets, then it's a case of setting the new morphs as Modifiers/Clones when you save them out as assets. You can do the same for the Gen4's so V4 could have a clone of M4 & K4, but making clones for non related figures is a lot, lot harder.

    Then you have the problem of no projection templates, which means your autofitted conformers will take their WM, groups and rigging from your figure.

    Then there's INJections, if you didn't add all of your morphs to V4 before you converted her then you have a pile of empty channels that are useless, as you can't INJect into an empty asset channel.

    All in all a hell of a lot of work just to get an older figure to work well as a WM figure.

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