How to save only expression layer puppeteer in ds 4.5? (solved)

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I know there is option for save pupettier preset in ds 4.6 too.

but when I apply papettier expression layer saved In ds 4.6 to genesis of other scene , or new load genesis figure,
it seems change every pose too. it means genesis moved to the point and poze when I made the pupettier preset.

I feel strange because the old saved pupettier preset can reuse and apply only genesis expression before.
it means I could apply expression puppetier layer to genesis keeping current poze and position.

but now in ds 4.6, I can not save expression layer and apply it genesis keepingt other nodes pozing or translation @@;

eg I made face expression pupettier layer with zero poze genesis.
I keep genesis head selected, and make layer by head node expression ctrls for test.
and name as expression test , then save it.

and load other scene. now genesis is lying on bed.

then want to change only expression of genesis by saved puppetter preset.

how can I do it in ds 4.5? or if I mistake to set puppettier expression layer?
I used pupetter for pozing or morphing but I can not grab it weel how to save
each node layer for genesis and mix them to make genesis pozing.

I have waited the new documentation for puppetter till I used ds 4 from april ,
but there seems not official clear documentation about puppetter layer and time-line (or animate2)
with genesis and ds 4.5

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    I understand some part about pupettier preset,,

    after try again, I can save puppetter layer of only face expression, and apply it other scene genesis ,
    who pozing or moving on each key frame .
    I describe it for myself and other user when someone serched about puppetter too.:red:

    but when load the puppetter preset for another scene and apply it to genesis,
    if change "edit mode" , and touch a dot, the dot has data of the body position too,
    so every dot of genesis turned to the positon where I saved the layer before.

    eg if I made the puppetter layer at zero position genesis and save the layer,
    and load it to the genesis in another scene, touch dot in edit mode,
    his body translate zero position.

    when edit the saved puppetter layer, must need edit the layer with same scene.
    or edit it with zero pose genesis only.

    I can preview and record the puppetter expression layer
    in another scene. it may not change the positon of genesis.
    but can not customize the expression layer in another scene.

    I want to know more and more about puppetter how to use correctly for easy animation
    with animate 2 or timeline,, so hope someone make question and usage topic " everything of puppetter" .:roll:
    (and timilein , animate 2 (plus) in daz studio 4.5 )

    eg( how to mix many layer of puppetter in animation? how to record about each node ?
    and apply it to ani-block? )

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    Thank you for this post. It was very helpful and gave me a better idea of Puppeteer techicalities.

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