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Hi, I'm looking to buy a new computer and looking to get the most render power I can.
I'm a Mac user so that means a Mac Pro and the top of the range has 2x 2.4 GHz 6-core CPUs, 12 GB of ram and a Radeon HD5770 video card with 1GB GDDR5.

My question is, will this render DAZ files fastest? I know there is a switch in DAZ called "hardware render" - will that make it faster, or is the whole thing only determined by the video card and not CPU's and processor speed?
Will DAZ even use 12 cores ?
Would I be better off getting a lower spec model e.g. the 4 core 3.2 GHz model, or just something with an extreme spec video card?
Thanks folks!


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    Hardware rendering is fast but not high quality -- most of the lighting and shader effects are software-rendering only. DS will use all cores.

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