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A Poser user’s thank you to DAZ and a question for the community
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I’ve been missing in action mostly for a while now because of exciting (but very time consuming) new ventures, plus the new message boards were not very fun to navigate until DAZ got them functioning more like the old boards (Yay!). But now I’m extremely excited that now we Poser users can finally take advantage of Genesis. My particular attraction to the figure is the ability to not only do so many different characters with it, but also the ability to mix and combine morphs, making the possibilities endless.

So I want to sincerely thank DAZ and Smith Micro for not giving up on this project, or for finally getting us loyal Poser users the ability to play with Genesis too.

For the community, I just wondered if there is anything I should be wary of before I install the DSON Importer? I already have DS4 Pro, but I’m going to upgrade it to 4.5. Any pitfalls I should be on the lookout for?

I’m hoping to squeeze in some time to install everything this weekend so I can play a bit, because I’ll need to Poser Pro 2012 soon for a new book project. Having Genesis ready might come in handy.

Thanks in advance!


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4.5 is more stable but you will most likely NOT be able to open your old scenes with it, unfortunately.


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I haven’t had problems opening old scenes, although they’ve moved and renamed some texture files for the Genesis Starter Essentials, so I had to reapply the material presets.


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