Anyway to change the Viewport Settings

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I will try to explain what happened. I reformatted my hard drive and clean installed Studio 4.5. I also upgraded my graphics card driver to current version (don't know if this matters). With my new install the viewport controls (pan, move the cube, pull in and out, etc.) are much more sensitive. Like a setting has change. It also seems like the plane of the Perspective View has changed. I get a strange concave effect (like I am looking through a wide angle lens) if I move to close. It seems like I need to be farther away from my character for this effect to not be present.

When I load a character it seems like the camera/perspective starts at the characters feet.

So is there anyway to change the viewport control setting?

Stella Blue

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    There's no way to edit the responsiveness of the controls.

    The zoom issue sounds as if you need to increase the focal length of the camera, this is a long standing issue in both Poser and DS - you need a longer focal length when you are close to your subject if you dolly the camera (this applies to physical cameras too).

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    Thanks for the quick response. I am perplexed at the change. One of those things you notice because you are so use to the old way; anything slightly different is noticeable. I will get use to it. I also notice these things because of my photography background. The change in perspective.

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