Generation X has been Updated for 4.5!!!!!!!

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Hooray its here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Downloaded and works.

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    Cool now if they would just release the version with Area lights fixed I could upgrade and use those things I bought that need 4.5.

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    ...where can be get?

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    You can get the GenX update by resetting it in your purchase history. Unless I misunderstood your question.

    Folks on Windows can get Taozen's history manager and reset right from that list.

    The item is here, in the store (that has a link to the upgrade from Gen4).

    I dunno about the lights...

    Oh, and WooHoo! It's here!

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    Got it, thank you so much!:)

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    yeah, saw it in my downloadable files some minutes ago - now is the time to finally upgrade to DS 4.5 :)

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