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How to fix Poser figures that don't load with crosstalking?

cwichuracwichura Posts: 1,000

I have a number of products that are in Poser CR2 format that their readmes indicate should crosstalk with the figure they are loaded to, but do not do so in Studio (4 and now 4.5). A lot of 3D-Age's clothing available at Renderosity is this way -- even with their recent products. Instead, you see all the morphs on the clothing item and have to manually go through and set all the FBM/etc morphs to match the like-named morph in the V4 figure the clothing was loaded/fit to.

Is there something to look for in the CR2s to fix this, so that they automatically cross-talk? A lot of Poser CR2 figures DO work, but it's really tedious for figures that do not automatically cross-talk.


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  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 16,363
    edited December 1969

    There is a known bug that if you don't have the current CMS running, double-clicking a conforming item with the base figure selected does not auto-conform. The DS4 installer does not uninstall the CMS when you update, so it is easy to have an outdated version. You can fix this by uninstalling the CMS manually and then reinstalling DS4.5 and Genesis Starter Essentials.

    Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop the clothing onto the figure, or right-click the clothing and choose Fit to, or select the clothing and use Fit to in the Parameters tab.

  • cwichuracwichura Posts: 1,000
    edited December 1969

    I have the CMS running. And even when manually selecting 'Fit to' (as some of this stuff loads without automatically fitting to the figure, even when the figure is selected in the scene before load) does not work. It's like the internal names don't match up or something, or maybe there is some statement in the CR2 that is missing that is needed to make the crosstalk work once the clothing is 'Fit to' the figure. (And I have the option in preferences at default enabled for the auto-magnatize/conform when 'Fit to'. I forget the exact wording of this option, but it's enabled.)

    This happens with select CR2s, so it's clearly something with the way they were constructed.

  • PuntomausPuntomaus Posts: 450
    edited December 1969

    You're right, it's something in the way those Cr2s are set up. AFAIK the name of the morphs in the clothing Cr2 have to match exactly those in the figure they are made for. If they are not named correctly the crosstalk won't work properly.

  • BejaymacBejaymac Posts: 1,172
    edited December 1969

    Mike the post is about Super Conforming Poser CR2's, not about auto conforming TriAx items, which isn't a bug btw, it's their way of forcing people to use the CMS ;-P .

    It's an old problem for us DS users, the same things that make a CR2 "Super Conforming" for us also causes unwanted Cross-Talk in Poser, so many non-DAZ vender's deliberately break the morphs to stop it from happening in Poser.

    Two of the main reasons for it not working are 1) the actor numbers are different to the ones the ERC code is looking for, this means the Body dials will super conform to the figure's dials, but because the ERC isn't right nothing happens when you dial the figures morphs.
    2) The Body dials in the outfit have different internal names to the ones in the Figure, the names need to match before it can become super conforming.

    There are many other different causes as well so it's not a straight forward fix, as in some cases you might have to build the dials & ERC code yourself.

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 16,363
    edited December 1969

    Bejaymac said:
    Mike the post is about Super Conforming Poser CR2's, not about auto conforming TriAx items, which isn't a bug btw, it's their way of forcing people to use the CMS ;-P .

    Please refrain from unsubstantiated accusations of deliberate crippling of features. Superconforming for both .cr2's and triax conformers works properly if you drag and drop instead of double-click.

    Nonetheless, I believe you are correct that this is not the problem the OP is having.

  • PuntomausPuntomaus Posts: 450
    edited December 1969

    Those Cr2s only work properly if they are set up properly and then it does not matter if you drag and drop or if you double click and then fit to. In both cases a properly set up superconformer will always automatically follow the figure's morphs when those morphs are in the clothing item.

    Cr2s that are not properly set up will never follow the figure's morphs automatically no matter if you drag and drop them onto the figure or double click and fit to. I have examples of such Cr2s in my V4 runtime and they need to have the figure morphs manually dialed in because they don't automatically adjust. That is either done on purpose or the person setting up the Cr2s didn't know better. And that's the problem the OP was talking about.

  • YofielYofiel Posts: 181
    edited December 1969

    Thank you, I just had the same problem. I'm not sure of the difference between 'super conforming' and 'crosstalk,' or maybe 'super conforming just means the crosstalk works properly.

    How can one change a CR2 so the dials are linked? Is there a Poser Python script which lets one declare that, for example, Elite morphs applied to a figure should also be applied to morphs in the clothing with the same name? When a vendor provides morphs with the same name, one kind of assumes the clothing inherits morph adjustments applied to the figure. It seems to me stating the clothing needs to be 'super conforming' too is just an invented missing feature to explain why the original design doesn't work properly.

    I am hoping for something that works in Poser. My theory is, if it works in Poser, it should work in Daz Studio too.I can't speak for the other direction.

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