Everything to do with Lighting in Bryce 7.1



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    Horo said:
    If you use the left one, you'll have to open the shades. The right one has already glass windows.

    Yeah I was noticing that. I guess I should have looked at the materials before I rendered that one huh? :) Although judging by the glass at the top where the light goes, the shades are really drawn, the windows are just heavily tinted.

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    The one on the right is more interesting geometrically, but the one on the left more like the one in the tutorial... Which hasn't really helped you chose has it? Sorry.

    Well I wasn't really looking for help on a choice but I agree with you entirely. Except I wouldn't have specified that it was more interesting geometrically but rather just left it at more interesting. Then there's the whole desire to actually make use of something I paid good money for :)

    As for the tutorial well if I shoot for my usual dogged adherence to get those precision results then the choice is already made. Clearly the one on the right would look silly atop a cliffside..

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