'Renderer not found' when running DAZ from external application

spielereinzspielereinz Posts: 11

I have an external program, which calls DAZ via the SDK.

Basically the flow is:
Start up DAZ studio
Load up various objects and pose presets
Do a series of renderings with various objects turned on and off
Exit DAZ studio

This worked fine with DAZ < 4.5 - Unfortunately this is no longer the case.

Each render is done by the call:
dzApp->getRenderMgr()->doRender( renderOptions );

which now just gives me a msg box saying: "Unable to render, no rendering engine available"

The call to

Showed that I have a grand total of 0 available renderers - at least the msg box makes sense :)

So the question is:

How do I get access to a valid 3Delight renderer when I start DAZ studio via an external program?

Any input/help will be greatly appreciated.



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