Safe file as, externally, Tif file issue with texture map

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After a few months away i am back working with Carrara 6 pro.
I edit at home then bring my files to work to render on a faster machine.
So I do a save file as. It then prompts me to save Tif files. When I save the file externally I
get Lines in the image. Jpg seems to work but the res looks lower.
Also Carrara seems to default to Tif. Is there a reason for this?
Another question, In a effort to save objects so I can import into other Carrara sessions
I highlight all the objects, but as soon as I choose a part that contains a image , I lose the export option?
So I can only save the object with lights camera location etc.
If this makes any sense to anyone, thank you for your help.


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    Can you simply save the scene INTERNALLY? It will be a much larger file, but all the images will be recorded correctly inside the file. No extra headache...

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    What Holly said is the easiest way. The slightly harder way would be to make a folder specifically for your scene, and if you create a shader with an image map, place that in the folder and make sure Carrara is pointed to it. Then save using local settings. You could also set up a folder on an external drive that you could add to your object browser (or shader browser, etc.) and drag and drop your objects into it, then take that to your other computer and add that folder to it's object browser.

    The thing with not being able to export multiple objects could be because they need to be grouped if you're trying to do them all at once. Just selecting them and trying to export won't work.

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    Thank you both for the response!
    I'll give it a try. The manual ( 700 page help file ) seems vague on this issue, or my searches
    of this file have not resulted with clear answers on the different save file types.
    I searched Save internally , save as, but didn't find a clear explanation.
    I avoided save locally, and internally because I feared associated texture maps, images, audio files etc would not be present
    when I opened the file on another machine.
    So I guess it is named in a bit of a counter intuitive method.
    I had also opened a file that was an object included in Carrara. I was using this save method to break out the image from the texture map so I could edit the image in a graphics program.
    One more question. I searched save as, and save internally, in the PDF and the search did not point to any in depth answers,
    ( explaining the difference between , locally, internally, externally )
    Can you guys recommend another manual, or source for info on this software.
    In any event , thank you for your prompt response, and I will try your suggestions.

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    8068 said:
    explaining the difference between , locally, internally, externally

    Oddly enough maybe they felt this was self-explanitory..., but it should be stated.

    In all the texture map shaders is the option to SAVE the image internally (inside the Carrara file) or externally. Externally means getting the image from the harddrive. if it is not there when you next open the scene Carrara will ask if you want to look for it. (If you cannot find it, you can hit [CANCEL] and Carrara will stop asking you for it...)

    In the SAVE AS... window, you are given the option again, but also Locally, which means Carrara will use the options that are selected in all the texture map shaders, so you could have a combination of generic image maps saved internally, and a specific image saved externally (so you can continue to edit it).

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    Thank you again. As odd as it may sound when you said Internally ( in the Carrara file ) it makes perfect sense.
    I didn't understand Internal was in the Carrara file.
    Thank you

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    LOL, yeah, there are a few interface labels where I am like "okay... whut...? I understand the word, but how does this apply to what it does??"

    I'm not sure if models can be saved EXTERNALLY or not... I just save EVERYTHING internally until I run out of hdd space. :/ Seems the safest (for me), but I sometimes work on projects for years across several computers.....

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