Dynamic Supersuit Set 2: Cosmic Gods [commercial]

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From DCs the New Gods to Marvel's the Mighty Thor. The second of our Optitex Dynamic Supersuit set for Genesis Michael & Victoria 5 comes out to honor all those Kirbyeske cosmic gods from the comic page. Those impractical shoulder pads that reach way beyond the shoulders and big wide capes with metallic disc ornaments. Plus a set of mat poses for the DAZ Dynamic suit to get that shiny otherworldly majestic final touch to your all powerful god and goddess:

Cosmic Gods: http://www.daz3d.com/shop/dynamic-supersuit-set-2-cosmic-gods


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    I was just checking out the product page; this looks like another must-have. I'll probably pick it up next week; today is right between paydays.

    (The tutorial videos are really helpful, too. I'm still just dabbling with the whole dynamic cloth thing.)

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    I think these are really brilliant Simon!

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    This is great when I first saw just the name of the product on a place holder for the read me page for it I knew it was going in my cart.

    One friend of mine's late husband was Jack Kirby's business partner so, so next time she comes in to New Orleans for a visit I want to show her this.

    Also, the texture templates for it can't be downloaded. The link to templates downloads ones instead for another product. when you try to download them on the product page.

    Any chance of making the texture templates available if Daz doesn't get the product page fixed? Surprised they didn't get it fixed yet.

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    There is a new user looking for advice on how to use this item, can anyone help?


  • SimonWMSimonWM Posts: 879
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    Thank you all. Jay_NOLA I have notified DAZ that the templates download links to an incorrect file. Hopefully this will be corrected soon. Thanks JimmyC_2009, I've suggested the customer to load from the Content Library although it should work from Smart Content too.

  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Posts: 1,145
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    Daz has fixed the texture template link. I just downloaded the zip.

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