is it a joke ?

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Daz studio works bad or don't work at all ? That is the question.... Another studio, the4.5, and always the same problems.


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    What Operating System are you using, and what are your machine specs? What problems are you having exactly?

    DS4 works OK for me, but I am using the 64 bit version, and I have plenty of memory.

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    I have nothing but praise for the latest version of studio. If your having a bad user experience it could be do to an outdated / underpowered computer or inexperience with the program.

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    Sometimes programs don't work on a particular computer configuration. For example I have problems running Poser but others can and some people have problems with DS but can run Poser. What you have installed on your machine can also make a difference.

    If you post your machines specs maybe someone can help you....

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    Can I ask, those where things are working just fine... remember with the previous versions of D/S where it was advised to install the 32bit version as WELL as the 64bit, even if you only used the 64bit... does that still apply with this version? 4.5?

    Just wondering. As for me, only thing that won't stay working is the Content Management Service... very faulty in this version, but everything else... pretty much systems go. I haven't tried to use the various Plugins however, so I can't speak on them... but the base functions besides the CMS is all fine.

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    I've never needed to install both in 4.0 or 4.5

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    Cool... just wondering, because I only installed the 64bit this time... and I was wondering if that might be the problem with CMS... but nope, not it. :)


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