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I sent the following problem in 08-26

Hello, I try to load the item Delivery Driver For Genesis in Daz Studio 4.5 but nothing happens, it appears in the list of scene but is not displayed in the viewport.

but so far no answer, the item still does not work: paid for an item that does not work.


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    Have you clicked on the link in the first post you got to see if there have been any replies?

    What item are you trying to load? There are 5 different pieces, but there are also textures for the items. Are you sure you are not trying to load a texture without having anything selected?

    Make sure that nothing is selected in the Scene tab, and click on the icon that you have been using to load the item. Do you get an error message?

    I don't have this item, but is sounds to me like you are trying to load a texture FOR a clothing item, and not the clothing item itself.


    Can you post an image of the content that you are trying to load, showing the icons?

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    I was having this problem with a couple of items (My princess dress). I was able to solve the problem by

    -resetting the download and resintalling in one case
    - using runtime repair (available at renderosity) in another case

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    Yes as Jimmy said, you have people who were willing to try and help you, posting here.


    BTW, what dept did you submit the help request to, because normally problems like this are better sorted out with help from forum members than by submitting a help request, as often it is something you are doing not quite right, rather than a problem with the product.

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    I just have a feeling that DS4.5 is much less forgiving of incorrect paths

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    Possibly. I can't help there, as I don't use it.

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    I have a similar problem with one item. It is a hair file called "Amarseda A3.daz". When loaded, it shows up in the Scene tab, but not in the viewport. If I hover the cursor over the viewport where the hair should be, I see the hair highlight in orange, just like any visible element does when the cursor hovers over it. However, If I select the hair in the scene tab, and look at the Surfaces tab, everything looks OK - diffuse, opacity, etc. If I apply another material preset, still nothing shows in the viewport. If I load an old 4.0 DAZ scene that used the hair, the hair shows up just fine in the viewport. I think something must have changed in DS 4.5 to make the old DAZ file incompatible. I remember Ken (SBRM creator) saying he changed file formats in his products, because DS at some version would no longer load old DAZ format files.

    Edit 9/10/2012: I installed the Poser version of Amarseda hair to see if it works, since the DS version does not work. The Poser CR2 file works fine, but the DAZ file still does not work in DS 4.5 Pro.

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    That's a good point. Somone is maitaining a list of files which have been updated for 4.5. I need to find a link for the thread.

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    Hello, all items carry this model (cap, boots), except the clothes.
    Already reseted download and downloaded the 1.1 version, but the problem continues (with or without the genesis)
    Below is the image attached.

    1280 x 984 - 194K
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    You have a Padlock icon to the left of the item in the Scene tab. I am not sure what that means.

    You are also using DS4 Standard, you need to enter the Pro serial number from your account.

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