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I just downloaded Carrara_8.5.0.132 from My Downloadable Products, but there is no serial number for it in My Serial Numbers.%-P


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    HI Rbow :)

    The version you've downloaded is the Carrara 8.5 "Beta" version,. the Carrara 8 Pro serial number in your account will not work with the Beta, which has a separate Serial number.

    With each beta release, there is a different serial number.

    The Beta Announcement Thread , (at the top of the forum) had a Link to the Latest Beta release, and the serial Number.

    To register the Carrara 8.5 Beta you will need to use the serial code listed here: CDZCPRO-085-0031100-RLS-001-EBTQFSA (Expires September 15th 2012)

    Hope it helps :)

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    Where could we download the last non-beta version of Carrara 8.x?

    The last ones are Carrara_8.1.1.12_Win32 and Carrara_8.1.1.12_Win64.
    Right below the download list.

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    Hi Sam :)

    You can get the latest production release of Carrara 8 Pro by resetting your downloads in your Account / Itemised order history.

    That will give you Carrara plus all the other Carrara content installers and bonus content.

    Note: the My Available Downloads page is now a multi-page listing, instead of a single list. you may need to click through some pages to find the files.

    Hope it helps :)

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    I admire your patience and good humor, Andy!

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    Thanks Kevin LOL :)

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