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Hi, not sure if this is the correct forum to ask, but here goes.
I'm trying to install V4 Elite to Carrara and don't have a clue where to go to.
Its the same with some shaders from Holyforest.
Just can't get them to show up in Carrara.
Any help would really be appreciated.
I'm using Daz 3 and Carrara 8.1 on a windows 7, 64 bit system.


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    Hi dshield
    Welcome :)

    The V4/M4 Elite products, are designed to be installed into a "Runtime" folder structure, so if you have Poser or DS, you can install the elite Morphs and textures into either the Poser, or DS.
    In DS, the Elite products will only show up in the "Content Library" since they're not "Smart Content".

    There are separate "Elite" Carrara shader products available in the store, as the main Elite products only shipped with Poser and DS shaders.

    In Carrara, you can create your own Elite shaders by manually loading in the Elite texture maps you want to work with, in the shader room.
    Once you're happy, you can save the shader as a "global shader" like a (preset) in your My Shaders section of the Browser.

    The Shaders you have from HollyForest, are a slightly different issue..

    In Carrara, you may need to either add the folder which contains the shaders, or refresh the browser, so it can find them.
    It depends on where you installed them.
    They should be installed into your main Carrara program folder.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Installing content was a huge mystery to me initially. I started out doing it completely wrong. Fortunately, 3DAGE and Dartanbeck smacked me with Clue Bats until I "got it."

    I'll dig up my notes on this when I get home - a quick vacation back up to Canada is currently in progress! :-)

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    Thanks for the help.
    That sorted the Holyforest shaders, I added them manually as you suggested.
    But still no luck with the V4 Elite in Carrara.
    It is actually the Carrara shaders that I am using, but still having no luck.
    Thanks anyway.

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    HI :)

    I should have asked if it was the Carrara shaders ... Doh !

    The Carrara shaders for the Elite stuff should go into the main Carrara folder. then you should find them in the shaders section of the Browser.

    These shaders should find the Elite texture maps which need be in one of your Runtime folders

    You can drag and drop any of the shaders from the browser, onto the Multi-0coloured ball at the top of the shader list for the figure.

    Hope it helps :)

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    I got
    and can load the elite skin in Carrara, drag and drop the shader from Browser/Shader/Skin/V4Elite to the Texture room and Multiple Shading Domain.

    But the included:
    3 Elite Body Shapes:

    Marie_Body NO NIPPLE

    I cannot find, after checking the readme, it says the V4 Elite Shapes is required, which I don't have, maybe that is the problem for me.

    What exact product are you having problems with?

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    I bought the bundle with them all but its Lana that I'm trying to install.
    I can get the icons to show in the Carrara browser but nothing happens when i drag them over.
    I'm getting very frustrated now.
    Thanks D

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    Well, if I remember correctly, Marie was a bitch to install.
    Think I installed the files with names like *CA* into the Carrara folder also, just to make sure.
    Yes, just checked and I have the carrara files both in the runtime (my documents) and in the Carrara folder (Program files), just because I am too lazy to find out the correct installation method...

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    Under Windows 7 it's a bad idea to install content into Program Files, as Win7 will shunt it to a Virtual Store and many programs won't find it properly.

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    Hi dshield

    The Lana shaders should apply when you drag the Ball "thumbnail" and drop it onto the Global shader "Multicoloured ball" at the top of the figure's shader list. See pic.

    If this isn't what you're seeing,... can you post a screen shot please :)

    Hi 3drendero :)

    You're right,.. You need to have the Elite head/body Morphs for Marie, the Elite shaders pack only gives you the texture maps and shaders.
    (IMO) this morph set should either be included with the Marie shaders, or offer a discount if you've already bought the Marie shaders.

    Hi Mike :)

    I'm with you on the fact that "content" should now go into the "My Documents" folder structure, but, as you know, before Microsoft made the decision to change things with Win 7,... almost every program had content, or (additional program specific files) placed into the main program folder, or a sub-folder of that main program folder.

    Carrara does have the option of allowing you to place content into other folders,. but there are some Carrara products, specifically those which have plants, which simply don't work when the "Plant Data" is not located in the main program folder / plants.

    The Carrara native content , which includes the example shaders / models etc,.. is designed to be placed into the main Program folder / Presets. (since it's part of the main program files),.. but, any new "User created content" such as My Objects / My Shaders / My Clips etc.. are all now saved into the My Documents / Carrara? / My Presets.

    So far I've had no issues with Carrara / content in Win7 64bit pro , and I'm using C8 (64bit), and I also have C7 (32bit) and C6 32bit installed. the same applies to my Poser 6 runtime (curious labs) which is in my Program files (X86)

    So far,.. I'm getting away with it :)

    Andy :)

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    Marie & Lana do have PDF guides on to how use them with Carrara that are installed when you install them. just search your computer for C6EliteUse.pdf if you don't know where the PDFs got installed to.

    This is from the Read Me for Marie

    Notes from the artist:

    You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    Materials: "V4Elite\Marie"
    Pose: "DAZ's Victoria 4\Elite Characters"
    You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    "People:Victoria 4:Textures:MAT Elite"
    You can find new files for loading this product in the following Carrara Folder:
    ":Presets:Shaders:Skin:V4 Elite:Marie Carrara"
    Carrara Installation instructions:
    Install to the Base Carrara folder.
    If the Marie Carrara does not automatically show up in your browser under shaders then please add the skin folder by following these steps:
    Open the shader tab of your browser.
    Click the black icon on the right side of the browser
    Browse to your skin folder.
    Select the Skin Folder
    For Type choose Shader
    All future Elite Shaders should automatically install.
    Carrara use instructions:
    Load V4 into your scene
    On the Instance Tab choose Model (The line under V4)
    Click either the paint brush top right or the button marked edit to enter the shader room.
    In the shader room, choose the Browser tab marked Shaders
    Go to your Skin:V4 Elite:Marie Carrara folder
    Choose your desired shader.
    Drag and drop the shader onto the big colored ball
    Return to the assembly room (the hand icon)
    Continue to build your scene as desired.

    Also, as you've discovered just about all of the elites come with Carrara shaders, but a few don't and you can buy alternate Carrara shaders for the elites that do come with Carrara shaders. So be aware of this before you buy any Carrara specific shaders for an elite.

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