3 things Comcast mail-visited link color-Nursoda pic

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(1) Anyone else using Comcast mail? Are you getting stuff from DAZ? I finally got an order confirmation and newsletters and forum notices in my Comcast mail today. Don't know if it's co-incidence but have had sessions with Comcast support who had me call their Customer Security something or other and after going through a few things I waited on the phone while the tech co-ordinator called DAZ. Ticket was opened. A couple hours later I ordered something from DAZ and lo and behold I finally got an order confirmation via email!!!

I was really feeling bummed out about the whole thing but feel a whole lot better right now!!!

(2) The different shades of grey to indicate read and unread messages just don't work for my old eyes here in the forum. I found a solution for myself that might help others.

I have a Firefox add on called NoSquint. I use it on some web pages where the text is so small I can't read it.
It has another feature that lets you set Visited Link Color. I set it to red but a slightly different red than the 'default'. (There's a site I visit that already has all its links in the default red. sheesh).

This helps me tell immediately which threads I've visited.

It also helps on the store downloads page so I can see immediately which files I've already downloaded without having to refresh!!

(3) The Flower Bringers. Bunch of Nursoda folks bringing happiness to a region that's been barren for years. What you see is what you get. Haven't uploaded the larger version anywhere.


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    Spit, Thank YOU! I have No Squint so that I can see LOL , but I never saw that I could change link colours! Thanks for sharing that! :)

    And the pic i wonderful :D

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    Thanks, Sassy!

    I only use the Visited Link Color and ignore the other stuff. Coloring and underlining the other links messed up some pages and I kept on having to disable for those pages so I just turned that part off and kept only my red. It's made a BIG difference.

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    Yup.. that's all I did too. And I found out that if you right click down in the status bar (bottom right corner... mine says 130%) you can set link colour site by site! Very cool! :coolsmile:

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