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every time i get to the render on my new daz upgrade it does the first part and then crashes unexplainably this is the third or fourth time this has happened, especially when i have spent a lot of work on the file in question. any suggestions


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    You should always state which version of DAZ Studio you are using, and what Operating System when asking for help.

    Are there any error messages, and have you looked in the Log File to see if there are messages there? Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File.

    Are you using a 32 bit or 64 bit OS, and how much RAM does your sytem have?

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    its ok all sorted now, i just restored it to f\ctory settings, was using daz 4.5 anyway working now thanks

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    Just thought of another question. If I upgrade to 4.5 will it erase all my current render quality settings to whatever its default is?

    Using DS4 Pro. The release just previous(I think) to 4.5.

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    DS4.5Pro Full, the newest version does not keep render settings. They can and will change. We are all dealing with that one now. I was so sure My settings were the same from my last render, BOOM right back to default, when I used DS the next time.

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    Thanks for this tip, Jaderail. I haven't rendered much in 4.5 yet, so now I know to check in advance.

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    Welcome, the bad part is it's not 100% every time it will change. I just make sure I look now.

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