What is zbrush - can I use it to alter models?

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I have created a character / scene in daz 4.5 pro and want to add things like wrinkles and such to make my man look older (much older) than is possible with standard tweaks available in the Shaper window.

How can I do advanced editing?



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    Google will tell you all about ZBrush. It costs around $500, and it will do what you want with a bit of a learning curve. There is no simple solution that I know of, but working with a 2D program like Gimp or Photoshop may be a bit easier.

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    For wrinkles and minor skin variations, you would likely be better off using a bump or displacement map.

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    Okay for an Aged character I would use this Pack. Sure it comes with morphs for the face shapes but the REAL Aging comes from the Textures in the Set. We can use the V4 and M4 textures on Genesis so this set works very well. The Wrinkles are done with Displacement maps that you can control.


    EDIT To Add: This is Genesis with the Aged For M4 used in the textures.

    1000 x 1000 - 1M
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