Render Request - 3DU's Toon Goat

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Hello all,

I could use some assistance, Im considering 3DU's Toon Goat to recreate my own version of 3 Billy Goats Gruff and i need to make 3 distinct goats. A Masculine/Muscular Male, a Middle-sized Male, and a child goat. The latter two dont seem that difficult, but im concerned with the 1st... the Masculine Male Goat; the biggest and meanest of the 3.

Are there morphs included with the product to make the goat "buff looking"? Like having a larger front chest area than the back? Also with much bigger curvier horns as well?

If possible, can someone please whip of a render of the most buff looking, meanest horn having goat the package can produce? I would be MOST appreciative.

Thanks In Advance!


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