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Hi, I've recently gotten Daz Studio 4.5 Pro. Is the Mimic plugin supposed to come with it? Searching the forum threads, some seem to indicate that it has to be purchased separately (either Live or Pro version), whereas some says that it comes with the 4.0/4.5 install packages. There's also another thread that says the install should come with the plugin, but a serial key has to be purchased. But after checking the Installed Plugins page, I don't even have the plugin installed?

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    I don't have any version of Mimic installed with my download of either. I do have an older version of Mimic Realtime in my Plugins folder which used to come with DS4P a while ago, but it does not load.

    In the store, there is Mimic Live, Mimic Lite and Mimic Pro, which are paid for plugins. It looks like Mimic Realtime was dropped.

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    DAZ Studio 4.5 32 bit version of Lip Sync is available. We don't have the license to have it work in 64 bit version.

    You access the free version of lip sync. Find it here Window > Tabs > Lip Sync

    Hope this helps.

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