Genesis T-Pose ready for Human IK.... HELP!!!

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Could anyone help relative to this issue. When working with Maya or MotionBuilder, the HumanIK setup for defining skeletons would like to have the Skeleton, by default, set up with the arm axis rotation all parallel to X.

The default pose of a "Genesis" character has a set of defined rotation and translation values integrated into the pose however all those values are reset... when you import the character into Maya or MotionBuilder I have not figured out a way to rotate the joints back into a hard T-pose.

This is the first of two problems I've been working to over come but could anyone tell me if there is a process with 4.5 to see the Rotational value of the arm joints, giving me the ability to set their rotations to 0,0,0 and hopefully then being able to export that .fbx then into Maya or Motionbuilder with arms that are strait out with no rotational value.

Perhaps someone has already solved this issue but I'd hate to not have to break the skin, recreate the skeleton, and start all over again down the skinning path just to fix this. Is there, perhaps, a pose that someone has created for "Genesis" that is a default T-POSE that would set up the character this way prior to exporting.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated... I'm stumped by why daz does not represent these rotations on the default pose.


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    The mesh has its arms down, so to make them horizontal you would have to repose it with aligned arms, then save the OBJ, then rig that (from scratch on the arms, presumably after using the Transfer Utility to get the unchanged portions rigged like Genesis).

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    Richard, Thanks for the reply but I don't really understand your process. Without real rotational values of the joints there is no way to specifically align them. The whole point is to utilize the skin from DAZ and take advantage of the refined skinning that has been applied to the "Genesis" base figure. From a pipepine perspective we are trying to rely on what DAZ provides... not eliminating the data and having to reskin.

    Perhaps I don't understand all your details but could you please explain in detail how to align the arms and hands so that they are parallel to the found plane or to actually put these into a true T-pose. Is there a way to see the real joint rotations from their local axis rotation or are they always reset to 0,0,0 when you add a "Genesis" character.

    I've noticed some others asking this question but is there a pose out there within the community which sets the "Genesis" character to a default T-pose. Again, the real key here that we are trying to avoid is throwing away the skinning data that is already provided by DAZ. It is kinda throwing out the baby with the bathwater but perhaps there are some details in DAZ that i'm missing in order to just simply align a limb's joints in daz to be parallel to the groundplane and in the same horizontal plane as the other joints.

    Richard, if you or anyone else could please provide a more detailed explanation on a solution or are looking for a more detailed explanation on what i'm encountering, please feel free to ask and I'll provide screenshots. Its really important that I try to figure this out and I appreciate any and all feedback.

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    Are you just wanting the figure in a T pose, aligned to the axes, but not zeroed? I read the request as wanting to keep the rigging, but change the zero pose (which would, in effect, involve changing the mesh as I said in my first reply).

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    In motionbuilder, before characterizing rotate the joints on the genesis to a good t-pose. Then characterize.

    Not sure on maya's Human IK system, but its supposedly the same system.

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    Why the DAZ T-Pose is no T?

  • Try and play around with the collarbones, usually they need to be swung back abit.

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