image import bug on B7pro on mac ...

3D Vitality3D Vitality Posts: 27
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... ist there a solution or workaround out there?
Can't live longer with these blue / blue-ish images :(


I didn't want to switch over to WIN with Bryce, but if there's no other solution ...

I hope, one of you know a solution ...

kind regards,



  • Dan WhitesideDan Whiteside Posts: 297
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    Copy of what I posted to your question over at Redndo:

    Really nasty Mac bug - the best bet is to use B6 and save out and load in B7, but you can also load images via DAZ Studio or any app that exports .OBJ/MTL.

    I create a cube in DS and apply the image and then use the Bryce Bridge to take it over to B7. This correcly loads the image in the Pict Editor. I then copy the cube and paste it into the scene I'm working on and can then be applied to other objects.

    Same thing with.OBJ import.

  • 3D Vitality3D Vitality Posts: 27
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    Thank you Dan. I answered over at R'sity.

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