More supported Cross-Dresser figures?

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Does anyone know if there exists options fort conversions to the lesser-known figures like Near-me and other individually created figures? I do enjoy the figures I have, but their clothing options are severely limited.



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    An epic number of figures have support in CrossDresser 4. Check out the full list here:

    Specifically, NearMe is on that list. I checked. For the most part, I use it for V4/M4 conversions and sometimes H3/H4, and the only time it usually completely freaks out is stuff with gloves. There are no fix morphs for the hands or feet, and you -do- want to include the fix morphs for every body part the converted clothing covers. Trust me. It does a ... half-decent job on skirts, but it doesn't add a joint at the knee, so that might be a little awkward in some cases.

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