How come I have to keep logging in every couple hours.



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    Looks handy, will have to try it... (Was actually just trying it, with apparently no luck! hah...) It's amazing though, it kicks me out after an hour or so without fail, but when I try to log out it won't let me (I've logged out three times now *shrugs*). Apparently I just have to really not want to be here... or something.

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    chohole said:
    I managed, purely by accident to get a different login screen to login to the forums, others have done it different ways as well.

    In this thread, from the linked post downwards for a few posts, and on to next page, explains it a bit. I am now logged in permanently to the forums, haven't been logged out once having logged in on this screen, remembering of course that the Username in question is actually the Email address that you use to login to the store not your foum username.

    This actually worked. I don't have to log in every time I come here. Thanks for the tip chohole.

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    You're welcome, glad I could help. I know how annoying this was.

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