Hex to Daz 4.5 Autofit Oversizes Clothing Problem

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OK, I have two computers with Daz installed. My main comp which has pretty much everything I own installed on it and a laptop which have not much more than the base intalled. The laptop had Daz 4 on it and I recently upgraded it to Daz 4.5 so I could see and test in it. So, I opened Daz 4.5 with the basic Genesis figure and then set it to Basic Genesis Female. I then exported that to Hex to have the base female figure to work with.

I created some content and first did a send to Daz (and thanks that this has been fixed as now you have something called geometry in the scene after an autofit... something that never worked with 4). Also, I have saved as an obj and imported to Daz 4.5. Both of these standard methods to my knowledge.

After bringing the items into Daz with Genesis Basic Female set, everything looks perfect or as perfect as it should. But, when I do Assets, Transfer Utility the items expand. For, for instance an item of underwear or any tight fitting item, has added space between Genesis and the item.

If we assumed Genesis was full life scale, I'd guess this space to be about 1/2".

So, I thought crud, I accidentally scaled my Genesis form up in Hex and ruined my work. So, I imported Genesis Basic Female into the scene again, making sure she was zeroed out in Daz and it exactly matched the form I already had. So, something is messing up in the transfer utility.

Anybody got an idea about what I'm doing wrong or what setting I'm missing?


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    As far as I know, you are supposed to make clothing to fit the Basic Genesis model, and not morph it into any of the other shapes beforehand. Perhaps that is the problem?

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    You need to make sure, when using the Transfer utility, that you set the source shape to basic Female (or Current), and then in the extended options (which are shown with a button at the bottom of the dialogue) that you check Reverse source shape from target. You'll then want to load your original shape as a morph for the basic female sahpe as, by the time it's gone from basic female to base adn then generated a morph from base to basic female the mesh will probably look quite ragged.

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    Yeah, I should have said I was doing that. Basically, I'm using what seems to be the exact same process that was successful under 4 but isn't working under 4.5.

    Yes, I do transfer genesis and current and normally turn off morphs in the advanced section. I have tried it a number of ways and rechecked my scaling and just can't find the problem. Again, when I do the import it fits as good as I have drawn it. Only when I run the transfer does it expand the items. It's like there is a setting somewhere that is telling it to hold out maybe 2cms when fitting. I can't find any setting like that.

    I will double check the other check boxes you mention to see if something changed with them. Thanks!

    FYI, I have found that using either the base male or base female figure as a starting model works fine, at least in Daz 4 (using that current selection during the transfer). This was one of the most enlightening finds I have made in recent months! Using that 'Current' switch just under where you select Genesis in the trans util.

    I have not had success with starting with Vic5 (unless perhaps it is a Vic5 item only? haven't tried that). For me, it is way the heck easier to do a female clothing item over a female shape, so I often times start with genesis basic female at 100% imported into Hex. This has always worked for me. It has always fit the item to almost any extreme morph. Female clothes fit male and male clothes fit female.... nonsters, body builder, pear shape and heavy... all at the same time.

    I will however try to make something tonight for genesis male base and see if the same thing happens.

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    OK, checking "Reverse source shape from target" fixed it! Yes!!! I don't remember ever having to use this before? Or maybe the order in this list has changed and it is lower down on the list? Now I need to go back to my PC and see how it defaults there.

    BTW!!! A big thank you to Daz for fixing the Send to Daz link from Hex. It always sent before, but as soon as you did a transfer, you could no longer select it in the scene tab. At least that was the case for me and some others seemed to have the same issue. Now, the transfer happens a LOT better. Each group comes in separately based on what you have selected in Hex, so my Genesis model doesn't come in with it and then in Daz, I can transfer each item separately. The only thing that happens is the name changes to geometry each time, so if you want to keep them separate you need to rename geometry after each item import. The bottom line? This speeds transfers along to a huge degree! If you're doing a multi-piece clothing ensemble, you can work on/tweak just one thing at a time in Hex and delete in Daz just that one item and then import just that one item from Hex. Very nice!

    Again, thank Richard.

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    Glad you fixed it. Reverse source shape has always been there, but I'm not sure if the ordering of options has changed.

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    I did jump back to my Daz 4 install and doing the same type of transfer does not have the same outcome while not using the reverse option. Perhaps that flag was sort of preset in the 4 version? I don't note any reordering of the options and was going from memory to uncheck everything from morphs down. But, it seems that I need to change my habit now. ;)

    Yes, I lack a lot of understanding of the program still. I really don't understand a lot of the settings or what they do. I'm about to start another thread which will hopefully get me over my last 'perceived' hurdle.

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