searching for a swing with loose ropes

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I'm looking for a swing, just a seat and two ropes, but I do need the ropes lose, I want my figure to fix it,
Does anybody know how to build this, or where I can get that?
It's not the prob to build a fix swing, but I got difficulties to make the rope loose. that it moves in a realistic way.

Thanks a lot



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    I am moving this to the Commons because it is a request for, not an offer of, a freebie

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    I do not know of a free one, but I do know of this one:

    it says Heart of the matter is required here:

    but if you just want the swing I think it would be OK.. might want to ask first though...

    Hope it helps, anyway! :)

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    Hey, thanks a lot for your answer.

    How could I found out, if the rope is loose? Do you think, I would get a quick answer by the author?
    The look 'n feel of this swing would be fine, and I am willing to pay for it. But the idea is, to let my figure put the swing at a tree, and then let another figure swing. It can't be in the scene from the beginning - so the figure has to put it at ( ? ) on(?) the tree...


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