ds and dpc or ds or dpc?

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I still have my newb moments.
This will be one of them.
I know how to install.
I know how to customize.
But heck if I know what to install sometimes.

I use DAZ Studio 4.5 for PC exclusively so do I need to install the dpc and the ds?
Sometimes they appear to be the same size. So I figure I only need the ds.
But sometimes they aren't the same size, and I think 'Oh, I need both'.

So let's clear it up once and for all.
What should I be installing?


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    If the files are around the same size you only need to install the DS one as it will have all the needed files if the DS one is a lot smaller you will need to install both as the DS one only has the DS specific files

    Does this Help.

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    The exception to the file-size comparison rule of thumb would be Platinum Club items up to a year or so ago - they kept putting the textures in with the DAZ Studio material files, even though you needed the Poser figure/prop files to use them. That applies to clothign sets and prop sets, but not to texture expansions where the size comparison will given a reliable indicator.

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    And , trying not to flog that poor expired nag any further ..., to get file sizes you need to download them all.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,356
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    True, I think we were both forgetting that issue with the new store :(

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