Modeling & Shader Questions: Texture Test Scene

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My questions about this scene I just created (attached):

1. I created the table / base object in Cheetah 3D and then exported to Carrara, because I couldn't figure out how to model it in Carrara (Carrara beginner here). What's the best way to create an "L" shape with a curved corner inside Carrara?

2. I applied the wire shader to make the grid, but I guess since I've applied it to a bent object, the shader doesn't look right (see blurred horizontal line across the top). I want a consistent grid across the entire object. How can I apply a consistent grid texture now that the object is already bent?

3. Are there any pre-made objects like photo studio props I can use to create reflections, or should I make them myself? (Example: Photo studio umbrella reflector)



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    Holy cow !!! I'm almost speechless !!!

    Dude, I'm very impressed. First time (at least in my recollection) anyone has ever even mentioned a cyc here. You must be a photographer. Cool.

    Anyway, personally I think the Carrara modeller sucks. I hate it. Only use it when I have a gun to my head.

    In any case, since you put a gun to my head, I'd first start out by inserting a vertex object cube, with definition of 1. Then delete all the polygons that don't look like a cyc. Then select the edge at the base where you want the cyc to curve and select Fillet, and crank the radius up to 20 or so and also the range up to give a nice curve.

    Now that you have a cyc shape, you'll need to UV map it. If you don't know what that is, I'll let someone else explain.

    As far as props, personally I'd make them myself, especially because reflections don't need to be real accurate. You may be able to find some freebies out there, but by the time you find them and download them and figure them out you could probably make your own.

    EDIT: Here's a quickie using the method I suggested, I used Tiles for the texture

    640 x 480 - 43K
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    Oh, and here's the cheesy version...

    640 x 596 - 60K
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    Thanks, JoeMamma2000. That's helpful. I'm going to try to find some Carrara UV mapping tuts next.

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    First time (at least in my recollection) anyone has ever even mentioned a cyc here.

    So a "cyc" is the bendy-wall thingy in the background? Never heard it called anything before. Live and learn I suppose.

    I think you could make one with the spline modeler too -- not sure how the texturing would turn out. The vertex modeler at least allows for UV mapping.

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    For those of you who may not know, cyc is short for cyclorama. Many people may be aware of the Multiplane Cyclorama from Daz3D sold here. There are a huge number of add ons... just go to the store and search for cyclorama

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    it's pretty easy to construct a cyclorama type of background in Carrara's vertex modeller.
    I made this back in Carrara 6. when the Daz3D "Elite" shaders came out.

    As Wiccan1 points out, there is a Cyclorama background in the store,(Millennium Environment) and I think it also comes as part of the Daz Studio content.

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    3dage :lol: I missed you ;)

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    Yes, and professionals and technicians actually do call it a "bendy wall thingy" since that it the technically correct terminology. But I call it a cyclorama just cuz it's easier to say than "bendy wall thingy". :)

    And to get real technical, it's called an "infinity cyclorama", since the curved surfaces give the illusion on film that there is no end to the background, it just goes on until inifinity. And beyond.

    And to get super duper technical, in terms of photo studios, what they do is take a square room and modify one or two walls as a cyclorama. So while 3DAge's model is nice, it's really tough to build in real life, and not really needed. You'd be more likely to modify two walls of a room to have curved bases and a curved corner. Which is why I suggested starting with a cube, like a room.

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    and for the really non-technical, it is just a backdrop! ;-P

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    HI Stan :)

    Thanks mate :) good to be back.

    Making a model like this is a pretty simple task in Carrara's vertex modeller, and there are several ways to do it.

    You could create the basic shape as a Poly-line / poly curve shape, and then extrude it, to create a straight backdrop wall,.. or use the "Lathe" tool to create a cylindrical extrusion of the same poly-line / poly-curve shape,. then delete the half you don't need.

    Alternatively you can start with a vertex cylinder, or even just a poly circle, extrude it and and refine the shape as needed, adding smoothing.

    You could also start with a primitive vertex object like a sphere, delete the top and scale the bottom to create a flattener base "stage"

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    Both 3DAGE and JoeMamma's "cycs" are neat and useful. I'll definitely make my own.

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    I have been working on my own infinity wall because I do not like the curve on the Multi-Plane Cyclorama DAZ offers. So many times, I have tried to use it and my renders look so 1930's Hollywood, it's not funny.
    There's always a very real, very perceptible "line" between the vertical and the horizontal. So I've decided to attempt to build my own, except, I can't seem to find the right 'angle' for my curve. I need it to start sooner, and end later, than the MPC, but every time I try to 'bend' it, the angle gets tight.
    Any ideas?

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