3rd party installer not working

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I purchased and downloaded two products from this site (The RHS Stagecoach and Fairytale Collection - Palace Entrance) that use a third party installer (i.e. not the bitrock installer used by most Daz products) that doesn’t work at all. These two products were created by the same studio (Redhouse Studios) so it seems to be a recurrent problem of their products.
So what happens is that when I double-click on the installers, well… nothing happens. The installer just doesn't start. Could it be because their installer isn't compatible with XP?
Does anyone have any thought about that?

The good thing is that at $1.99 each, it is not a great loss for me if I cannot make them to work. (but they really look nice!)


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    This is a known issue - the site seems t be appending an error code to the older installers, such as these, which stops them from working. people have had success removing the spurious data with a hex editor.

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    Oh! Thanks.

    I might try this (or might not). I am not sure it’s such a good idea for me to try to mess with the binaries. :)

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    It's good to hear that this is a known issue... but does actually somebody work on it to solve the problem?
    I bought serveral 1,99$ products today at DAZ3D which I can't seem to install now...

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    because I wasn't prepared to use a hex editor before I can install purchased content...

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    I`ve just bought two products also that are not installing. Being quite new to this still, I dont want to start trying other ways to get these to work. Any other options, maybe a refund? Also is there any way to tell that some of the products will do this? It would be much easier for me to stay clear of these.
    Thanks in advance.

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    All the older content from DAZ has an Error added to the end of the file. You can now get a fix. You will find it here.


    Hope this helps. Written by a DAZ user for Daz Users.

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    Thanks for that!
    Right now I can't get to download the fix as the website seems to have problems, but I will try that as soon as I can.

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