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Occasionally I run into problems when importing an obj/mtl group file into Bryce. Now, a nicely configured file will come up and say, "Cannot find "really ugly image.bmp" and ask me to look for it in the next window (or words to that effect).

BUT occasionally I'll get a file from Lightwave, Max, or even Poser that doesn't tell me what file is missing, and I have to guess! I did this one time with a WW II German aircraft exported from Poser 6, and it imported into Bryce 7 with a rather "interesting" cammo pattern which looked as if the designer/painter had studied with Albert Hofmann prior to WW II....

I'm sorry, but one does not expect a Ju-88 to have a blue and orange splinter camouflage pattern, eh? ;)

I've tried to look into the Obj and Mtl files to see if I could discover which materials were to be applied first, but I had no luck....

Is there a way to discover which textures should be applied in what order when importing -- or to successfully apply them after importing the file into Bryce?



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    When you opened it in Poser was it using the Material room nodes to produce the texture ? or was it actually a jpg texture. If it was a jpg texture you should be able to find the name for it by clicking in the mat room on the particular part, and then click on the first panel, where the diffuse texture is shown, and then click the arrow, you will get a drop down list which will give the path to where the texture has been stored

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    At least on the Mac, the textures are loaded in order from the top of the .MTL file.
    This .MTL:

    # MTL written from /Users/danielwhiteside/Documents/screwobj/hex_floor.obj
    newmtl frame
    Kd 0.8 0.8 0.8
    Ns 256
    d 1
    illum 2
    Ka 0 0 0
    Ks 0.2 0.2 0.2
    map_Kd frame.jpg

    newmtl inset
    Kd 0.733543 0.109383 0
    Ns 256
    d 1
    illum 2
    Ka 0 0 0
    Ks 0.2 0.2 0.2
    map_Kd inset.jpg

    newmtl screw
    Kd 0.600313 0.132071 0.0014209
    Ns 3821.7
    d 1
    illum 2
    Ka 0 0 0
    Ks 0.2 0.100392 0
    map_Kd screw.jpg

    Loads the frame.obj, inset.jpg and screw.jpg. I just keep the .MTL open and flick back and forth to load the files.

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