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Well i keep posting here with stupid questions, some of which i have had an answer to already but forgotten. I know very well that i have had my current dilema answered and resolved, but i cant figure out how to find my old posts on the forums to look the answer up. So thats question number one.
The problem i have is that i have installed some Daz purchases and while they show up in my content, they do not show up on screen. The scene tab says they are there, but all that shows are the Universal tool handles.
Lastly, why is it a good idea to put the tab for new topics right at the bottom of the page where it cannot be seen without scrolling down. Cant see the logic myself.
Any help would be much appreciated

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    I can clearly see New Topic just above your post at the top of the page, browser issue maybe?

    To find all of your posts, click on Profile on any of your posts, and select View all Posts by this Member.

    What DAZ 3D itmes do not show up in the viewport, but do appear in the Scene tab? I know there was a problem with some OBJs a long time ago, but that never happens now. What version of DS are you using?

    One item that it can happen with is the Dream Home rooms, which load in to the correct position to form the house complete. They are there, but just not where you think they should be.

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    Hi Jimmy and many thanks for your time.
    Finding my posts is simple when you can recall how, thanks for that.
    The issue with new content not loading is also solved, When i select it for a scene it does load, but for some reason, while everything else loads at Y trans zero, for some reason this loads at Y trans who the heck knows. It shows its at Y trans zero but its floating above Zero by around 400%. I was zoomed in so couldnt see it.
    Now then, i assume that the new content tab is different in say Internet Explorer than Safari which i am using. Attached screen shots show it clearly at the bottom, though i am open to being proven wrong.
    Many thanks for your help

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    Hmm... I get Post Reply and New Topic at top and bottom on both Chrome and IE9. Must be a html thing browser wise.

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    I didnt realise that the view was affected by the browser, its a bit above my pay grade, im more a duhhh sort of bloke......

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    Hey, I was wrong It is only on the bottom in a Forum. But top and bottom in a thread. I never noticed that until now.

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    Oh yes, i didn't notice that either, but it still makes having it at the bottom of the forum a bit odd i think. Never mind, i have a need to play with my new props now, big kid at heart

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