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Need Some Help - Exporting morph obj files don't match dsf geometry

FeralFeyFeralFey Posts: 1,991
edited December 1969 in Hexagon Discussion

Hey Hex Gods!

I need your assistance in the most pressing of needs.

Here's the back story. A few months ago my desktop pc crashed and literally burned. Fortunately I had all my photos, artwork, and most of my project files backed up. However I have discovered to my horror that I did not back up the interim files on a product that I'm building. I have all the files up to a certain point in the build and then everything after I imported it into DS and made a dsf file out it.

The problem is this - I caught errors on a couple of my morphs, plus I'd like to add support for S5, but I have no way of getting the exact geometry to create the S5 morph and fix the other two morphs in question. I was able to export the obj files out of DS (but not after a lot of pushing and shoving and hair pulling) to get obj files that match the ones in the dsf files.

I import these new obj files into Hex to make the minor tweaks and build the S5 morph support, but when I go to export them and bring them back into DS, Morph Loader Pro tells me that the geometries do not match.

Clearly I'm doing something wrong, or I have something ticked on (or off) that shouldn't be, because one would think that the obj file I exported out of Hex would match the very one I imported. Right?

I'm on a time crunch, as I'm trying to make my deadline for this product to make it into the store in time for the PA sale. (There have been official announcements, so now I can say things like this.)

Any help/guidance/sage advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, in advance!


  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,214
    edited December 1969

    Not going to help you much, but I get exactly the same error - using morph loader pro and advanced. This is the first test I've done since installing DS4.5 - worked fine before and Hexagon hasn't changed. I doubt that it's a Hexagon issue. I remember this issue with morph loader from way back - there were all sorts of settings you had to do to get it right, but those settings aren't there any more.

    Try using the bridge - that works very well at making morphs.

  • FeralFeyFeralFey Posts: 1,991
    edited December 1969

    I had forgotten about the bridge. D'oh! I'll see if that will make a difference. Thanks for the tip.

  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,214
    edited December 1969

    Pleasure - hope it works for you and you hi tyour deadline

  • FeralFeyFeralFey Posts: 1,991
    edited December 1969

    Lol. Unfortunately I think I've missed my target date for getting this product done. And what's really stupid is that after two days of trying to get the stupid thing imported into Hex so I can fix a couple of morphs that needed tweaking, it turns out that the morphs in question were just fine. Turns out my laptop hates me. Everything worked perfectly on my desktop. (I DID make an adjustment on one of the morphs, just so I'd feel like it wasn't wasted effort. Lol.)

    I can't even begin to tell you the problems I was having. But using the bridge to Hex seems to be working. So, now I'm going to add some extra shape supports and roll back my timeline for getting it into the store.

    Thanks again for the reminder about the bridge. It's been my best fix for this and it'll make things easier for me in the future (as long as I remember to fix the scaling going back into DS. It needs to be set at 10, rather than the default 1.)

  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,214
    edited December 1969

    Oh, bummer - hope all goes well for you and you make lots of sales.

    Must find out what the problem with morphloader is, though - probably something simple.

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