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This is my first post, and I'm hoping to learn a lot from you.

I'm working on two persons shaking hands.
I managed to get them two V5 to walk and get close one to the other, but I do not know how to make the hands really touch each other and bend like they do in a real handshake.

Do you have any ideeas how I could do it?

For example, I would like to make the hands touch, now they are close one to another, but they do not touch. I'm trying to make the moves more naturally.

I'll post the movie soon. Any ideeas are welcomed.

LE: Maybe an important element is that I'm using the Carnegie-Mellon bvh files, and I'm trying to improve it, because based on those files the V5 do not shake hands.

Thank you

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    After having seen the pupeteering tutorial, would it work, to place the hands together in a pose, and then pupeteer so that the hands get there in a less abrupt movement.

    The difficulty is that the two V5 are also moving their legs in the same time

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    Are there any ideeas on how I could proceed?

    Shall I start editing the bhv files?

    I understood a bit the structure, but it would be quite complex, working a bit blindly, to first edit the bvh, and then see the result, trial and error...and still I understood the principles from the bhv files, but not fully, for example, the values in the motion part, I believe that they are depending on the structure , meaning that there is a finite and well determined set of values that a finger could take, because he is connected by a joint to the hand...

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    you would prob get a better result manually doing it by careful keyframing
    if you have a walk motion leading up to it, then do a series of poses by using the powerpose tab or bending joints in the parameters tab.
    would be a fair bit of work.

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