So! Is this correct!!! - Animator doesn't work in Daz 4?

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I just read this in a post from May, could someone clarify ?

i have been trying for ages to get the animation working in Daz 4! maybe its not the best prog for animating in?

Could someone advise me on the simplest/best reasonably priced application for animating, I love the figures in Daz, and I have no problems with modifying them, I have lots of ideas for animations, so feeling a bit frustrated at the moment so any help would be appreciated - Vince :-)


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    DS4.5Pro comes with AniMate2 as a timed Plugin. After the Time out it becomes AniMate Lite. Have you tried it?

    P.S. You can get a Refund on any purchase up to thirty days from the buy date. It will be Store credit, you could put it toward other items or the full AniMate2 plugin.

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    If you like animation, you should probably try Carrara.
    Daz is okay for animating, but it can't beat Carrara.
    Carrara uses Daz figures and props just fine.

    If you want to stick to Daz, get aniMate.

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    Thank you so much for your help, as you suggest it looks like Carrera is probably the solution, although I have recently purchased Iclone, is this a viable alternative?

    I know that there is a pipeline or something that can be used to transfer Daz items into Iclone, I have not installed Iclone yet however, because I have been trying to keep everything in Daz. :ohh:

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