Tiling Textures

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How do I tell DS4 to Tile a texture instead of stretching it? I have a seamless texture which is smaller than my object and the program enlarges it. The texture is a 512X512 .jpg file.



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    Go to the surface tab and look for horizontal and vertical tiling. Be sure that you set both.

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    What do the numbers under tiling mean?
    If my texture image is 1000 x 1200, do I enter
    1000 for horiz tiling and 1200 for vertical?

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    The numbers are how many tiles you want.

    So, to start with, you've got 1x and 1y, meaning that your image is one tile, stretched around the whole surface. If you put 2x, 2y, the texture shows up four times on the surface: twice across and twice down. If you put 1x, 2y, the texture will stretch across the surface horizontally, but vertically, it will show twice.

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