Daz Studio 4 Character Import into Carrara 8 Help!!!

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I really need help with this as spending hours wasting time on such a simple task is annoying.

All I want to do is open up one of my V4 characters in Carrara 8..not a lot to ask for.
Originally in Carrara 6 Daz allowed you to do this directly but since then they made the task a lot more "interesting"

Yes they introduced the Collada system and made everything clear as muddy water!
I want my Custom V4 character with morphs from Daz studio 4 to appear in Carrara 8

What I get is a the skin mesh appearing halfway through the ground plane, the bone system standing on the ground plane, the hair somewhere else and no morphs!
This is not my idea of fun!

It got to such a point that I rebuilt the entire Character from the base files in Carrara which then looks right but applying the MAT pose results in Victoria getting painted in in a laquer top coat.
As I'm not hugely good with messing with materials the proposition of editing a large number of materials is not a good prospect.

So is there an "easy" way of doing this simple task and how.
I did try exporting a collada file with all export options on the morphs but got bored at 35% and ten minutes after D|S sucked the life out of my core i7 system with 8 gig of ram bringing it to a halt.

Better still if D|S can be linked to Bryce and Hexagon, lets see it linked with Carrara.
I know Carrara 8.5 will supposedly allow one to open D|S files but I'd actually like to do some Renders before then.


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    are the customizations appliable to a regular V4 char. I mean are the morphs saved out so they are 'applied' later? I ask because then you could load the V4 char, then apply the morph. As for the mats, they have to be tweeked. There is a nice tutorial on poser mats being modified it would be about the same I can dig it up and post it. Once its been tweeked then you can save the Carrara shader for V4 to be used anytime.

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    Thanks for that...
    I've done a lot of tweaking and thing I'm getting to grips with it.
    There's so many things not actually used and there things that are. Highlight settings seem to be a real issue..I think most are either set to black or reduced to a value of around a few %

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    Here is the Video set (number 1 of 3 I think) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7ViS7YW1KI

    Yeah most use an actual color I guess or thats how it comes in. Once you start getting a list of 'typical' settings for highlight/shiney for different types like hair, skin, leather, etc.

    This thread has a bit on saving the shader into your library.

    I basicly setup a new folder in my content area, (not in the runtime) and then added that to the shader tab. Placed my shaders in there. As I grow them I started putting more folders in there. I either 'update' if Carrara is up when I move them, or it is fixed when I start Carrara. I did all the Mil Horse shaders I had from CWRW (I think I have that name right). I even saved one of the individual shaders that I could copy to the next one to make the mods. Then saved the set.

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