whatever shader ops2 camera view shader

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can someone who has this, pls tell me about the camera view shader.
does it work like a closed circuit tv?
do you get feedback such as when you point the camera at the texture?
do you need shader ops1 to use2?
edited because I was even unsure who makes the plugin :roll: I believe it is Digital Carvers guild
probably posting the link might help, I will have to find it!

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    this one
    what it says it does

    Camera Mapping
    The Camera Mapping shader projects UV space from a camera's point of view. It can be a channel or top shader.
    When Camera Mapping is a top shader, the Apply To drop down lists the shading domains. If selected, the projection only applies to the shading domain.
    By default the projection will be from the rendering camera. If you want to project from a different camera, enter its name in the Camera field.
    The Projection Ratio is used to adjust the height and width of the projection. The drop down has a few common source ratios. Pick or enter a ratio that matches your source material.
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    No, that is not what this plugin does. It is not a ClosedCircuitTV shader, that would be cool.

    This plugin takes its sub-channel (probably an image map) and "projects" that image onto whatever model the texture is applied to, as if the designated camera were a slide projector (or video projector). It is a kind of advanced shadow capture, designed to help you quickly flesh out geometry in an image, so you can make the image seem to have depth when the camera moves slightly. You've probably seen this effect in documentaries where archive photos are made to show depth that wasn't really in the photo to begin with. They are using a cut-out to make a sort of 2.5D effect.

    In Carrara you could, for example, take a photograph of a tunnel and use the plugin to map that image onto a 3D tunnel model in Carrara. The designated camera is locked (to map how the photo should align with the model). Then your animation camera is free to move around and physics objects can interact with the tunnel, etc. It would be useful for special fx and compositing.

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    thx Holly, still sounds like a cool feature but not what I thought.
    which is why I asked.
    I know some programs, cinema4D for example do have closed circuit tv rendering as it has been mentioned on another forum
    not sure how one would do it, whether a plugin could be made (it would have to take images as they are rendered by one camera and apply them to a surface)
    I have thought of a delayed frame method using two instances of Carrara but they would have to render at the same rate and be synced somehow.
    it still would not be true cctv but since raytraced mirrors are possible the ability is there, just how to implement it?

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    Here's a very simple example of the camera mapping. It started as a photo of a raisin box. In Carrara I project the image on a squashed vertex object box and a plane. The second camera then rotates around a bit.



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    Is this kinda like Metacreations Canoma....That would be cool!

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    McGuiver said:
    Is this kinda like Metacreations Canoma....That would be cool!

    Not quite that cool. It doesn't pull the geometry out of the image. It just lets you project the image on geometry you've created.


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