Missing Hemi's Centuar Thread and company

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Well I've been searching all through the new forums and I can't find anybody from the Centuar thread in the old forum
McGrampa,Noshiba ,Hemi ,and others that I can't remember off hand (but I will at 3:00a.m.) Where are you are you guys still here and Why
don't we have a new Centaur thread???


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    Here, Here !!..we want's our 'taurs back !! :) Or, at the very least..some way to get back to all the old threads. This new forum is a big step backwards, me thinks :(

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    What's this? A new centaur thread with no centaurs? This cannot be!

    *fixes the problem* *runs away, cackling*

    800 x 1000 - 2M
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    Thanks for the picture ThinMick ,Looks good I'll put upa couple that are older once I squish them to fit the forum .....

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    2000 x 2000 is max size that you can upload to be automatically resized by the forum software.

    However do be aware that the resizing at the moment is governed by the height and not the width of the original, so images in landscape format that are extremely wide compared to height do not resize within forum limits and may break forum formatting.

    Most work well though.

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    Thank you for that info Chohole

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